Impact Of The Ukraine – Russia War On The Property Market In Singapore

In this video, I will discuss impact of the Ukraine – Russia war on the property market in Singapore. I will talk about how the ongoing was has an impact to inflation, raw material cost, interest rate, equity market, buyers’ sentiment to construction contracts. Indirectly, I will also explore how the above factors will affect the resale private property market, new homes segment to enbloc market and even the hdb resale market.

Can You Make Money From New Launch Property?

In this video, I will discuss whether can you can make money buying a new launch condominium directly from a developer. I will use a basket of 6 condominiums located in district 20 that used to be new launch a decade ago for comparison. In this study, I will study the profitable and unprofitable transaction on each specific condominium in the resale market. Next, I will also average out the annualized return of the last 10 profitable and unprofitable transaction. Lastly, I will study why some of these condominiums outperform and why some other fare poorly. Watch till the end of this video where I am going to share with you some interesting insights into them.

West Coast MRT Extension - A Study On The Possible Location Of The MRT Stations

In this video, I will discuss on the possibility of the West Coast MRT extension. This MRT extension could connect the Pandan Reservoir MRT station along the Jurong Regional Line to the Har Par Villa MRT station along the Circle Line. I will address how this West Coast MRT Extension rumour come about. I will discuss on the impact of the Land Transport Master Plan 2040. I will also identify the possible location of the MRT stations by cross referencing to the URA Master Plan 2019. This MRT extension could potentially be 6km long and include 5 stations. The purpose of this video is to share with like-mind property investors where to identify undervalued properties so that you will have a first mover advantage.

How Much Can You Make From Buying An Enbloc Property And Hopefully Become The Next Millionaire.

In this video, I am going to share with you how much can you potentially make by buying an enbloc property and hopefully become the next millionaire. Here, I am going to study 7 real case studies of condominium that went enbloc in the last enbloc cycle. The condominium comprises Shunfu Ville, Raintree Gardens, Riveria Point, Tulip Garden, Serangoon Ville, Vista Park and Pearl Bank Apartment. I will analysis which condominium achieve better returns and the potential reasons behind it. At the end of the video, I am going to share a secret tip in buying an enbloc property.

How To Identify An Enbloc Property & Hopefully Become A Millionaire.

In this video, I am going to share with you what is enbloc and how to identify an enbloc property. I will also share how to look our for tell tale signs of an enbloc property? What are the risks involved? And most importantly, can you really make money by buying into an enbloc property?

How To Identify Under Valued Property - A Real Case Study Of Lakepoint Condominium

In this video, I am going to share how I help a client to identify an undervalued property with a real case study of Lakepoint condominium. I will share how I used a very simple price matrix formula to compare the prices of comparable condominium. This method is very easy to use and you can adopt it to compare properties to determine if the property you are eyeing is indeed undervalue. All the prices data are make references from https://www.edgeprop.sg

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