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Hi. I am Alan Wee From AlanWeeProperty. Welcome back to my channel! Well, I am also a property YouTuber! Read on…

About AlanWeeProperty

In the early part of my career. I started off in property management, investment sales and property development in the private sector. Subsequently, I was retrenched in 2009 with the collapse of Lehman brothers. Left without a job. I jumped straight into real estate sales. It was very tough in the initial years. Fortunately, it was my passion for real estate that see my me through the darkest nights in my career. I am humbled to those that supported me through my journey. That is why I believe in becoming an ethnical agent that give good advice to consumers. I always hope to value add the real estate industry in a small way. That is why my YouTube channel was born. My journey so far has been challenging but exciting. Thankfully, I have a supporting wife and 2 beautiful daughters that keep me going. Anyway, I graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Building Services and a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate from NUS. 

Our Expertises

15 Years Of Experience

I started my sales career since 2009. I have 15 years of selling experience dealing with divorce, estate sales, contra cases, bankruptcy, etc.

Transacted More Than 550 Properties

I have personally transacted more than 500 properties that range from HDB, condo, landed properties, commercial to industrial properties.

Awards Winning Property Agent

I have received numerous awards for my sterling results over the years. I am awarded the Top 368 Achiever position out of 8,000+ ERA agents in 2022.

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Awards & Achievement

These are some of my humble awards over the years. I would like to delegate theses awards to my clients that supported me through the years.

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